Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 We often push our way through life and then pay the price of pushing in stress and exhaustion, or we simply just give up on life and its challenges and sleepwalk through our existence. We stop participating fully in life, or we participate through some very thick veils of darkness and pain.

What we don't realize is that the light, love and aliveness that we are seeking is already and always right here, right now.
In fact, the light that is near is always surrounding us, calling to us, reminding us that living life fully is possible. 

We often get so lost in our dramas and traumas in life and the challenges of what most of us experience as the daily grind that we don't realize that life is always living through us, as us. It's already giving life to the fifty trillion cells that make up our physical bodies. When we lose touch with our life essence, we can feel tired or simply lack the energy to move forward constructively and creatively in our lives. If we embrace or allow this apparent lack of energy and also allow the aliveness and power that is always right below or surrounding it, we can feel like there are no limits to our energy and life force.

Maybe it's just that our daily business and the clouds of our own inner darkness distract us from its beauty and light. 
But whatever our circumstances, at times we've all experienced other people who seem to still have their lights on and are enjoying life fully. The light that is near can either serve as a wake-up call, or it can be used as a reason to give up because we believe it's possible for them but not for us.
Rebirth is possible for us when we turn around and face the darkness that we are ignoring, denying or running from.

This post is based on the principles explored in the new movie, "Letting Go: Transform Your Life, Transform the World," featuring Hale Dwoskin.

1.Carmen dell'Orefiece by Richard Avedon  2.tumblr

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