Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, 
you didn’t settle for it.'

Saturday, January 10, 2015

'Have patience with everything unresolved.
Love it all.
The confusion. The mess. The raw, red rims of your eyes. 
Love the experience of being reborn. Love the experience of watching the old way of life die. Watch everything burn. Watch everything go. Don’t be afraid.
This. This is how you find your way. You don’t notice the changes as they come. 
You just wake up, one bright morning — sky the color of robin’s eggs — 
and you realize that you are there. 
And you open the door and smell the restless air and say a prayer of profound thanks.
Live the questions. 
And, perhaps, as Rilke wrote a hundred and ten years ago, 
we cannot live the answers. Yet.'

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Transformation- poetry

By Lisa Tolbert
I’ll skip a page because I can.
The page will wait for me
as I wait for you.
In quiet,
in calm,
in stillness,
in trust.
Of darkness and light,
Of ugliness and beauty.
All of the contrasts
in life in me
and I will wait for you.
In hours dark
and quiet deep in the night,
There is a fullness
that swallows the emptiness,
and grows greater still.
In releasing my breath,
I release you.
I see that things
are clearer when
I stand alone
in my empty handed heart.
There is no pain in love,
when love is real.
There is only light.
Darkness cannot abide.
And I inhale the light only
To breathe back into the night.
More light.
I stop trying to
and I am free!
To be.
In this moment,
all there is.
And grief abates,
panic drops,
sadness lifts,
longing leaves,
craving ceases
anger dissolves,
and there is truth!
Pure and simple.
And I AM.
And I will wait for you.

Monday, December 29, 2014

"Home." As life treads on, home’s no longer a specific town or house or room 
where we reside. It’s instead a series of moments we gather, 
like snapshots on a string of times spent with the people we love most. 
Time always stands stillest in those subtle moments that seem to echo loudest 
in this swiftly turning world.
If you could collect one crucial thing in this life, let it be the subtle moments, 
the snapshots, and collection of still points that make up “home”, 
and hold them close in spaces that remain open whenever you may need to return. 
When it’s time to dive into them, it’s simply time.

Victoria Erickson

'I love those moments when you just think, and you realize how happy you actually are. 
At that one moment in time, you can’t think of anything that brings you down. 
You put everything negative aside and you just smile. 
Random bursts of happiness are fantastic.'

Thursday, December 18, 2014

christmas is just around the corner

Everything you are looking at
You have already seen once
Through the eyes of love.
In this second vision,
Do not judge.
For you do not know
what needs your help here.
And you do not know
what has come to serve you.
Assume there is wisdom in every devastation,
And awakening power in every wound.
And every feeling you push away
May contain medicine.
Gentleness is the only answer.

Jeff Foster

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