Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Love this article-
'We are a constant process, an event, we’re change.
Our life is the house, the rest are just projections, shadows of the greater structure: even our deepest thoughts, beliefs, you, me and everything and everyone we’ve ever known, are subject to interpretation. All our constructions of reality, all the words and ideas we use to understand the world are fragile and temporary, they are a medium, they’re not the end, but just another way to understand the journey of Us.

"I don’t get this dramatic species, Rango,” says a green-skinned, 2.5 meter tall, half-lizard, half-nymph, flying-lady with robot voice and snake orange eyes. 
“They go to the bloodiest ends to come up with the most elaborate answers about life, 
yet they forgot the most basic, liberating act their 5-year olds still practice: 
the simple art of asking. 
The wonder, Rango, they have lost the wonder. 
They love to talk about life, as if this could somehow excuse them from living it.”

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