Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emotion is energy for manifesting intention

Intention requires energy to bring it into manifestation. Energy is required for creation and attraction. The energy is the emotion. The more emotion you feel, the more energy you have to move things in the supernatural realm. Intention without strong emotion of desire is weak intention. A strong intention has a strong emotional energy of desire. The stronger the intention, the more strongly it will manifest.

It is the amplitude of vibration and not the frequency that determines its strength. Increasing the emotion increases the amplitude of your vibration. You may have experiences in your life that when you hold an intention with strong emotions, it's very likely to manifest. Because you'll be extremely motivated to take action, and it may also seem as though the universe is on your side to help you make it happen.

Every thought has two components which are content and energy. Thought wave is like radio wave. The electromagnetic wave is the energy and the information transmitted is the content. Content is the data portion of a thought, and energy is the carrier that gives a thought the power to manifest. The more strongly you think and feel about something, the more energy you give to it. Energize your intentions with thought energy.

Feel the joy of having it. Feel the desire of it. That is what our desires are for. The feeling of our desire is the energy that attracts what we want to us. Learn how to play with energy. Be able to feel strong emotion in your desire for something, but then be able to detach when you don't get it at the expected time. Allow yourself to continue feeling the emotion and not give up on it just because you didn't get what you want. Detach from the outcome but do not quit your intention and emotion.

Many people give up the feeling of desire when they fail to get what they want. They no longer allow themselves to feel the desire as intensely as before. They feel that there doesn't seem to be a use in wanting something so much when they can't seem to get it. But that is a big mistake because it makes it even harder to get it. They do not realize that when they stop feeling as much emotion as before, they weaken their intention because the energy they are sending out to the universe is lesser than before.

From http://www.mindreality.com/emotion-is-energy-for-manifesting-intention

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