Friday, February 15, 2013

Winter’s running late as spring hesitates to arrive
And yet all I see, are hues of a heart so vibrant and alive
I would catch the fastest sail to be by your side
If only moments like these could convey all that’s raging inside
I have always found your face, whenever I look at mine
Praying that the reflection I see,
Could one day be with yours,
for all time
Journey on, footsteps beating along with my heart
And know that no matter where your roads take you…
It will always be your shores I drift to, even from the start
Find me in yesterdays and look for me in your tomorrows
And I shall seek you out in fateful sunrises and retreating sorrows
If I ever lose myself in this winding path of new
Those eyes of yours will lead me back to no other home, but you.

 Find Me, Ruby Bernardo

lindie dourthe

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