Saturday, January 12, 2013

We are good stories waiting to be written.
In writing and most creative outlets
—and art as work and work as life and life as whole—it gets worse before it gets better. 
They say you have to vomit first, vomit your demons and your rage, your mediocre beasts, vomit the sinner and the saint and all duality, vomit your ego and your bruises, ’til the house gets so clean, there’s nothing, no one left—but you. 
Just like we detox our body from years of malnourishment, and we agonize 
as all the toxins in the underworld say their goodbyes and leave our system, 
so it is the case not only with our minds but with the way we face our lives. 
Our modus operandi for anything is the same as for everything.

Chip Phillips photography

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