Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tonight, return to you.

Somewhere in time you existed free of the imprints of others. You were likely a child, or perhaps dreaming. In those fleeting moments you were thinking for yourself. You knew that having what you wanted felt good and made your life better.

There were no issues of worthiness, deserving, or doubt. There was just peace and contentment. Babies are born knowing to seek comfort, love, connection, and ease. They do not question whether they deserve it, they know they do.

How often have you rationalized that you can’t or shouldn’t have, or do things that bring you back to that place of inner contentment?

Flip your perspective. No longer will you wish, want, yearn or feel you must earn the right to take actions that increase the peace and contentment in your life. Tonight it becomes your obligation, a mandate.

You are responsible for the care and welfare of a soul on loan from the Divine: Your Soul. Take care of it. Maintain your body temple in a manner worthy of Divinity.

Make your environment fit for a child of God.

It’s not about deserving or earning the right to do this; 

it’s about respecting and valuing your Creator’s gift. Shape up.

Tonight I relax and let go of the barriers between me and my good. I love for my body, my spirit, myself and my own peace and contentment a top priority.

Sweet dreams.
Cynthia Occelli

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