Monday, December 24, 2012

Cancer - December 2012

December looks set to be a month of new beginnings and new horizons for you 
as you take some big and brave steps towards living a richer and more fulfilling life. 
Such a step is not to be underestimated, for it has taken courage, strength and vision 
to get to where you are now, and whilst, in many ways, 
you have already done the hardest part by deciding to create change, 
it seems that the biggest part of this transition is yet to come.
 As you step from where you are now to where you want to be there is a sense of doubts surfacing as you wonder if you 'are doing the right thing'. 
Such thoughts are to be expected and are only natural, but for you, such thoughts can undermine your steadfastness on so many levels. 
Whilst it would be all too easy to tell you to leave the doubts behind you now, 
you are simply not wired that way, so it seems wise to suggest that you let these doubts 
surface but without giving them power. 
In other words, acknowledge them, but don't allow them to erode your progress.
There can be no denying that you are rapidly approaching a time of exciting and life-affirming change, and you are very much in the driving seat at the current time. 
What happens next, on many levels, is up to you, and whilst fate always plays a hand, 
it seems important for you to make your own choices now so that you ride the waves with confidence and leave those 'if only's' very much in the past...

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