Thursday, November 18, 2010

paper art

Paper art by Yulia Brodskaya :

        Miami based Jen Stark’s vibrant oeuvre of the last few years comes full circle in a Miami show at Carol Jazzar’s with works that pay homage to her own prolific trajectory. A recessed paper hole in the wall reminiscent of a seminal early work sets the tone for a reflective collection of characteristically mystifying sculptures. 
       Complex gradients and intricate, mingling lattices of color and geometry push the envelope of the artist’s own expectations and explode the ocular sense. A freestanding zig-zag form that invites viewers to encompass it, beguiled by its illusionistic surface further enforces the 360 degree quality to this offering. 

Yum Yum London:

Mattson Creative:

Elsa Mora:

Carlos Meira:

"Clouds" by unknown artist (if you know,please comment)

via Rag and Bone blog

simon schubert


  1. Thank you Zondra,you're sweet as always :)

  2. superb, nu am mai vazut genul asta de arta, dar imi place la nebunie!

  3. foarte frumos...pasiune si mult talent pe aici :)

  4. Just wonderful. Superb.... . By the way, A friend told me about favoritewords dot com, it's different but I like it, actually, so I decided to post about it here because it's relevant to mention.


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