Sunday, November 7, 2010

being eco friendly :)

            I love bicycles ! Every time I have the chance, I go with my bike in town (although I don't venture in the street,it's too dangerous ). For few months now, me and my husband exchanged cars for bicycles :) ; for some of you it may sound silly, but for us it has been a blessing

me and my Johnny Loco bike
But I want to show you a designer's view on bikes, a very different bike

trek-madone by Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst's biggest "Butterfly Painting"
         At first sight,you may seem to enjoy this design, as well as his paintings...the one that I posted just sold  few months ago for more than 2 million pounds!
        The problem is that all these works are made from real butterfly wings... how sad!!
There is a really huge controversy over his butterfly works and I can totally understand.....
damien hirst accused of sadism over butterfly collage

What do you think, is it worth to sacrifice life over art?


  1. What beautiful bikes!!!!
    Have a wonderful new week,

  2. This is exactly what I started doing last month. I cycle to work twice a week and it feels just great! Happy biking then!

  3. Nice bikes :) And you are so beautiful♥
    Im very happy that you want to be a follower at my blog.
    I hope your Sunday evening is magical!
    Love Marie

  4. Life is the most pure and inspiring art form . Given that butterflies unfortunately were not asked , and they perhaps could not answer the question , let's change roles , and ask Mr Damien : Would you be so kind to cut of your arms and feet in order to be an active participant to the pice of art we are to carry it out ? We don't know how appreciated will be, but we do know some one willing to pay with a Field of 2 million Flowers for that . Head not wanted , you can keep it under your shoulders , so we can enjoy together the Opening of the exhibition .


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