Wednesday, December 9, 2015

1. Meeting her will be like the first time you heard your favorite song. You’ll listen to her speak, and though it may be unfamiliar, you somehow know that this will be important.
2. You’ll find yourself staring at the back of her head, wondering how her hair could fall so perfectly. You’ll realize that not everyone else is as captivated as you and you’ll wonder why.
3. She’ll tell you the about the tattoo on her foot and when her birthday is and stories about college. You’ll remember them all and she’ll tell you you have a good memory. You’ll tell her she has pretty eyes.
4. You’ll go awhile without seeing her. You won’t realize how much space she occupied until she’s not there. You’ll wish the world was smaller.
5. When you see her again, it will be like coming up for air after spending a beat too long underwater. Her hair will be a little longer but you can finally breathe again because you’re looking into her eyes instead of trying to remember the exact color of them. You’ll forget about every day that you went without her. You’ll forget that there was life before her name.


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