Friday, August 29, 2014

where is the magic gone?

It is hard to live a magical life in a world that disdains and rejects all that I experience and feel on a daily basis as an aberration, a fantasy or even as non-existent.
So many great artists - musicians, authors, painters, and just great spirits - choose to drown themselves in addiction or leave completely, because the over industrialized and cerebral world that we live in cannot - and more importantly, will not - 
support the idea of magical humans living in a magical world.
Magical people leave because it is almost as if there is no oxygen left on this planet that they can breathe. It is too alien and harsh to live in a world of Muggles, when you know 
how it feels to fly amongst the stars and commune with the Divine.
Of course I need to add the challenges of parenting in such a world… how do we preserve the magic for our children while also preparing them for a world which will not respect it?
Russell Brand asked this important question when writing about Robin Williams this week: “What does it say about our society when our brightest lights are extinguishing themselves?”
I do not know what the answer is. 
But I do know that I want to find one, that I want to continue to create 
more and greater art and community that nourishes and nurtures brilliance and magic 
and otherworldly vision. I do not know what form that can, will, 
or should take, but I know I want to find it. 
And maybe, just maybe, some of the more adventurous Muggles will join us.
Our very existence may depend upon it.

Kathleen McGowan

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  1. This is a wonderful post and I relate on a very personal level to the sentiments. I'm not ashamed to say that I've spent a few hours today looking through your posts, an insight in to the soul of a fellow artist. Inspired me to create a place for me to express my own thoughts. Thank you.


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