Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ethnic mix

Editorial of women in ethnic/artful compositions.
I love blending them into the new cultural diversity focus

via tumblr-source unknown

ngawa,tibet. women from Ngawa dressed in her family's treasures of coral, gold, silver and other jewelry

by nanguazi

ph greg kadel

tibet- via dree harper pinterest

via annelies ter brugge

via bibi reg pinterest

via dree harper pinterest

via dree harper pinterest

1 comment:

  1. Highes! Tinbyll, Frieda Khalio, n'est passe? Anyways, to live the life of a Sichuanese-Netherlanders (Asian) and suffer ethnological and endogamical pattern use and recognition of law, remembered states, and no ancestral affiliation except to climate and glacial loss is better than all the recoginsed privilege of identification and documentation in the more serene democracies of capital exploitation at their expression in ideology. All jewels may ride.


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