Thursday, August 23, 2012

'There is never a wrong path for you. The path you are on is the path you are on. 

There is no right path nor wrong path. If you should have been somewhere else right now,

that is where you would be. 

Things like regret, worry, and imagination about what might have been 

are not only worthless activities but also completely delusional. 

You have no idea what might have been in store for you. None. 

Anything could have happened, from you contracting meningitis and dying at a young age to being the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

 But all that matters in life is your own awareness. 

And that is always here and always now. 

The only thing you can miss out on is being in the present moment. 

Nothing else matters. 

How to come to terms with your decision and focus on the future instead? 

Come to terms with the Now, with life as it is today. 

Tomorrow grows out of today, the future grows out of the present. 

Know how to plant solid seeds and oversee their growth 

and you will know how to grow an empire.'

via eclektic tumblr

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