Saturday, April 7, 2012

Give yourself a good, solid, clear and meaningful reason to
do whatever you’re doing. 
Give yourself a real, authentic dream.

Give yourself a dream that has meaning, and that compels you
forward. Keep yourself solidly connected to that dream.

Let your dream flow naturally and honestly from the vision
you have for how life can be. 
Make your dream so big and exciting that you cannot fail
 to put the best of yourself into it.

Give yourself a dream, and give it to all the world as well.
Choose a dream that enables you to lift others higher as you
lift yourself higher and do what you truly love.

Let go of the excuses, the complaints, the anger, envy and
frustration. Put the miraculous power of your thoughts,
words and actions into the good and positive things that
truly matter.

At this time of new beginnings, choose to live with more
substance and meaning than ever before. Give yourself a
dream, and give all of life the unique benefit of the very
best you can be.

 Ralph Marston 

via fabforgottennobility tumblr

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