Thursday, June 23, 2011

Revealing the light

John McIntosh, said 

Can you 'Let Go' of tomorrow and all your expectations ... your dreams ... your agendas ... your plans for a better life ... a better version of you? 

Can you 'Let Go' of your masks and the multitude of identities that define the roles you play to keep safe ... to survive ... to hold on until things get better? 

Can you let go of your story ... the times you were used and abused ... the missed opportunities ... the abandonments ... the love you never received? 

Can you let go of spirituality and the labels you wrap around it ... the way you think you should be ... the destination that seems so far away? 

Can you let go of this world ... of saving it ... of making it a better place ... of the life you believe you would have if only things were different? 

Can you completely 'Let Go' and allow what IS to Live through you ... freely? 

The Love You Are ... the Life You Are ... the Light You Are ...

What you block with your judgments, your identities, your attachments, your 

expectations, your plans and your schemes ... color and dilute the Beauty of All That 

Is ... All You Are.

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