Monday, February 7, 2011

Artist Kimiko Yoshido

          Artist Kimiko Yoshida was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1963 and left her home country, as a result of feeling the oppression against women.
         She now lives in Europe and has since 1995. The prolific artist has been transforming herself into various representations of herself and others in several series of self portraits (painting herself and then photographing it) since she began her career.
         She has turned herself into famous painters, Brides from all over the world, Blown glass letters and symbols and much much more.
         Over 330 different self-portraits in the last decade.


  1. Very interesting art!
    Kisses and happy week.

  2. I just love these self portraits. I'm off to google her to find out more.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing artist Maria.


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