Thursday, December 2, 2010

sweet desserts!

One of my favorite food blogs is my tartelette ! and I have decided to post once in a while lovely, yummy pics from food-design blogs, to sweeten the day :)

Food design:

food photography- marina aurora

pastry superstar chef- christophe michalak


  1. what are you doing?
    I will jump into the screen specially because I will have a desert now with hubby, the last one just went to bed...late today...
    I am really feeling my sweet tooth here now...

  2. Beautiful and taste images:)
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. thank you for stopping by Maria, it's helped me find you and for that i'm very happy! your blog is full of loveliness. i'm glad you've started to incorporate tasty entires like this one too, everything looks amazing.

    i can see your heart is with the arts and it's truly wonderful that you pursued this obvious talent. ♥

    hope to see you again, follower 100 signing up now!

  4. dear Peggy,I was inspired to post this because I have eaten yesterday a delicious dessert,and I thought I should share it with you :))
    Thank you Zondra and Lynn for your lovely comments!

  5. madre mía, que pinta tiene todo, ummmmmm...


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