Wednesday, September 1, 2010

illustrations I love-part 1

The first artist I'm going to talk about is In Young Choi, alias iblackcat, whose creations reveal a world in which people are much closer to animals and in fact the animals take people's place, depicted in scenes full of harmony, friendship and love

The next artist is Sarah Ogren, mixed media artist who plays with collages, alters images and loves anthropomorphic characters.

Sandra Dieckmann  enjoys observing the world, creating creatures and anything else that involves creative play. Using a variety of media she is exited to work in different ways to achieve her creative vision. 
Her skills have been applied to a wide array of projects, which can be seen reflected in her portfolio. 

I will enumerate some of the beautiful illustrations that caught my eye during my search for artsy stuff :)

lizzy janssen


natascha newton

peggy wolf

pattern by papergrain


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