Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pleading for passion

       One of the greatest spiritual state that one can desire to achieve is, without a doubt- happiness.
Apparently, this feeling that is so hard to define, to explain, comes with an aura of preciosity that only the chosen ones can touch it.. That's because to be truly happy incorporates all the best: love, health, intercommunion, prosperity, fulfillment . This means having desires that can come true and being able to continue to be happy.
      Most of the times, happiness comes into our lives too little and too short. Like a bursting fire whose power lights up everyone around it, like an explosion of benefic enthusiasm ,which dissipates itself as miraculously as it appears.
     Maybe that's why we cherish it so much. What can we do to attract more often happiness into our lives? What mystery  do the favoured behold, the ones we come across always smiling, with serene looks, bit mysterious?
     It is said that the wonder ingredient for having a blessed life is passion.
    Whenever we do things that we enjoy, when we love or when we see our dreams come true, we wish ourselves to be better than how we are right now, and we succeed in it.
    We emanate good energy, strength and welfare, making people around us more happy.
     It already seems to be easier- discovering what really interests you and focus all your energy to live for and through your passions, to love yourself that much so that you can allow yourself to fall in love as many times as you can, to cherish your time, your faculties, your friends...
    Advocacy for passion? Yes!
 because passion is the best antidote against stress, the royal road to happiness, the highest motivation to live.


  1. You need to publish this one, with the 1st piece of artwork at the cover. Truly gorgeous insight. I love the part about being able to fall in love over and over again. Just wonderful XOXO

  2. Dear Maria,

    Thank you!

    Thank you for all The Beauty that you share with us.

    This evening, I got here by accident. Or not!?


  3. I thank You for your lovely and kind comments you leave me and for taking the time to read all my thoughts, it makes everything so much worth while!
    Have a great week lovely ladies :)

  4. you are an interesting philosopher and thinker -you should publish your thoughts somewhere; I do not know about your art yet but you could become a motivator/motivational speaker for your community with your special and uplifting philosophy! Congratulations!with this blog you can also share your thoughts and become known

  5. Thank you so much Roxana for giving me your honest opinion about my writings.
    I haven't got time to redesign my blog so that it can showcase on a different page my artworks , but you can find them on my blog, just look at "december" month- my works from my first private view :)
    I wish you all the best, Maria


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